Nostalgia is a multi media presentation which includes a DLP presentation and music on CD for impersonations. The following requirements are necessary in order to insure a superior performance.


An operator of your DLP projector will need to be present in order to forward through pictures that are on a flash drive of the show that is provided.  There are approximately 200 different pictures that appear in the show throughout the presentation.  The flash drive contains Powerpoint that is playing through a PC that has Powerpoint installed and is connected to a DLP projector.  That DLP projector is then connected to the PC's auxiliary monitor output for playback.


The same operator, or a second operator, will be needed in order to play selections from the CD that will be provided.  There are approximately 20 musical selections that accompany impersonations during the show as background tracks.  The CD MUST play separate then the PC.


A scripted binder is provided that includes the written prompts that will signal when an image or CD selection is needed.  Each instruction is clearly marked and the operator would simply follow the script which runs from 1940-1969.


The following equipment would be necessary to insure a superior performance.


One (1) DLP projector.  The DLP also may need a remote control in order that the operator may forward through pictures during the show.


One (1) large projection screen in which to project the visual images upon during the show.  The screen should not be in the way of the performance and should appear either directly behind the emcee (at least 10 feet) or to either side. 


One (1) computer that will play a PowerPoint presentation through the DLP projector and onto the screen.  The computer will be connected to the DLP projector through a VGA cable that will also need to be provided.


The projection screen should be large enough to project images large enough to be seen by each member of the audience during the show.  The visual images play a very important part in the show and some of the humor is from these images.


One (1) CD player that will project QUALITY sound throughout the venue.  The CD player will need to be able to advance to the next musical track.


Two (2) quality wireless microphones. One to be placed upon a microphone stand next to a podium.  The second microphone is to be on stage in an area that can be used as an emergency back-up to the first microphone.


One (1) microphone stand that will have a clip large enough to place the microphone into during the performance.


One (1) podium to place script and miscellaneous props upon during the presentation


One (1) dressing area or dressing room within direct access of the stage.  It is necessary at one point to change into a costume that requires a complete wardrobe change in a limited amount of time.


One (1) monitor in which to hear the feedback of the sound system and the background vocal tracks from the CD that is provided.


All technicians that handle the projection, sound, or lighting for the show will be available to rehearse during a period no later than two hours prior to the show. 


Technical requirements may need to be altered depending upon the size of the venue in which the performance takes place.  The buyer is responsible for insuring that the technical requirements are adequate for the venue where "Nostalgia Shows" appear.  Please contact the office of Riggle Productions or Randy Riggle if you have any questions or concerns in the set-up for an appearance of this show.